March Update

It’s time again for the monthly update. Since the beginning of March, I’ve added two new translations from the Dīrgha Āgama, one from the Madhyama Āgama, and 9 more sutras from the Saṃyukta Āgama. I’ve also re-edited MĀ 1-10 and all my current translations and drafts for SĀ 1 (41 sutras) for release on SuttaCentral. The plan for … Continue reading March Update

Yinshun’s Samyukta Agama & New Translations Uploaded

This week I implemented Yinshun's divisions of the Samyukta Agama, which divided the sutra collection into 51 groups (samyuktas) that are similar to the thematic groups in the Pali Samyutta Nikaya. English translations of the first four sutras from the Aggregates Group have also been added, which define the five aggregates of form, feeling, perception, … Continue reading Yinshun’s Samyukta Agama & New Translations Uploaded