July 2021 Update: Five More DĀ Sutras Translated

Hi, everyone. I skipped a month for these updates, largely because the number of texts I’m releasing in a given month will be going down sharply as I focus on larger Dīrgha Āgama sutras. At this point, I’ve now released English translations of 15 DĀ sutras (out of 30), which brings the project to about 25% completed by length. (Three large DĀ sutras make up about 45% of the entire Āgama.)

I’m expecting this month and next to be the busiest in terms of releasing sutra translations. Going into the fall, things will slow down as I soldier through larger sutras like the Parinirvāṇa and Mahâvadāna sutras. I’m also planning to begin the work of adding these new translations to SuttaCentral in the Fall or Winter when I’m working on those larger projects.

For those who are unaware, these new translations are based both on my own studies of the text and the meticulous scholarship that produced the Japanese translation of DĀ. So, it’s a much more faithful translation than others that are currently available in English. I do occasionally disagree with the Japanese reading now and again, but on the whole it’s been a big help to have on hand.

Below are the translations that have been added at Dharma Pearls since May:

DĀ 5 Smaller Teaching on Origination [DN 27]
DĀ 6 The Noble Wheel-Turning King’s Cultivation [DN 26]
DĀ 9 The Gathered Saṅgha [DN 33]
DĀ 16 Sujata [DN 31]
DĀ 25 The Naked Wanderer [DN 8]

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