2021 Update: Switching Gears to the Dīrgha Āgama

Ah, finally, I have a new update for Dharma Pearls. The past month and a half has been … well … eventful here in the US, to say the least. However, the translation project continues. I’ve changed gears a bit, which is also part of why there’s been only the sound of crickets for the past month and a half. I’ve begun to work on the Dīrgha Āgama in earnest, which will probably continue for a couple more months.

Today, I posted a fairly literal translation of DĀ 21 Brahmā’s Shaking (aka, DN 1 Brahma’s Net). One of the things I’ve been doing behind the scenes is acquiring the Japanese translation of the Dīrgha Āgama (thank you Amazon Japan for shipping to America: 現代語訳「阿含経典」), which was produced by a team of scholars that included the late Dr. Karashima Seishi. As I suspected, it’s been indispensable for checking my readings of obscure Chinese passages. It seems to be the best translation available today.

Going forward, I’ll be giving DĀ 27 and 29 a new edit and then continuing to translate parallels to DN.

And, of course, I’ll add bits of SĀ and edit MĀ as time permits.

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